School Kudos

Posted by Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat on 4/27/内蒙古福彩快三 7:00:00 PM

I love what's going on in our buildings right now and want to highlight the hard work and ingenuity of Peoria Public Schools staff and leadership.


Whittier - I wanted to give huge kudos to Whittier staff for the amazing job the teachers AND TAs are doing to support learning. There are phone calls, letters, postcards going out continuously along with the two live lessons daily. Relationships with families and students are strong and growing stronger every day.


Whittier, Kellar, Northmoor, Lindbergh, Von Steuben, and Valeska Hinton all had engagement numbers consistently at or above 80 percent.


Valeska’s staff also made a video giving virtual hugs to their students for the 内蒙古福彩快三’s first week of Remote Learning following intercession.


Maude Sanders – Teachers and Principal Hiles have found many ways to interact with families through video recordings, including the most recent one from the 内蒙古福彩快三’s kindergarten teachers giving instructions on the need for kindergartners to learn how to tie a shoe and zip up a coat.


Trewyn, Manual and Harrison staff collectively did a SEL neighborhood driving parade through South Peoria neighborhoods last week. The parade was well-attended and was a big morale boost to students.


Manual, Peoria High and Richwoods all delivered yard signs to the senior Class of 内蒙古福彩快三 to celebrate their four years in high 内蒙古福彩快三.


Charter Oak hosted a Spirit Week last week with the students dressing up for different theme days while checking in with their teachers with over 80% student engagement.